Client Testimonials

I look forward to my time with Kate

"When my daughter suggested having Kate come over I really didn't know what to expect. As soon as the initial assessment was done Kate had made me feel so comfortable and looking forward to an exercise program.  I look forward to my time with Kate, she explains what area of the body we are working on along with the connection between the exercises and how I should feel after. The programs she creates for me are practicable and realistic.  I have been a gym member in the past and prefer to have the one on one exercise program." SN, Pitt Meadows, BC. 


I am stronger, have better balance, I can dance much more easily and I enjoy it more. 

"I have hired trainers before with spotty results. This time it is different because Kate not only “gets” me and my past struggles, she brings such a huge knowledge from her own body building history and life as an athlete. I like that she is also a Mom and similar age to me. I felt instantly comfortable and trusting of her. She has a way of motivating and educating with kindness yet getting your body working really hard…….results have come quickly for me. I am stronger, have better balance, I can dance much more easily and I enjoy it more. Others are seeing the changes in my body too, so I know things are happening! Progress feels great! " JB, Coquitlam, BC.


My energy is up, aches and pains are gone.

"I like working with people that have experience and understand their clients. Kate customizes the training for my body and my life – there is no cookie-cutter approach like other trainers I have had. I had lower back ache, sore knee and hip when we began. My blood pressure was high and energy depleted at the end of the day. We started with the 90 minute assessment of my condition; Kate was thorough, skilled, technical and fascinating. When I received my six-page detailed report at our next session I was amazed. Someone at last knew how my body worked and moved; joints, muscles, balance, needs and wants too! Each time I learn any newly revised workouts Kate is at my side, moving her head, bending and analyzing my movements to ensure I am getting the most benefit and that I understand what my body needs to do to achieve my goals. Nothing at all has been difficult or overly strenuous – yet my desired body changes are better than with other trainers. My energy is up, aches and pains are gone. What I like the best is her respect and appreciation for my busy life. My customized workout plans from Kate incorporate my home, my equipment, my neighbourhood and even my dog walks as part of the routines. What could be more customized and effective?" SMR, Vancouver, BC.



Exercise and I are not Friends....

Any joy I ever got out of physical activity as a kid was destroyed by the sadistic phys ed teachers I had in school.


As an adult, I intellectually grasped that exercise was healthy and that I should do it. However, when I tried, I could never develop the habit. I don’t like the feeling of being sweaty, hot and out of breath. So I avoided it. I tried joining classes but I hated the messages that were being sent to us as “motivation” – that we should work harder to “earn our food” or to “pay for our sins of eating.”


As someone who has wrestled with weight all my life – who has starved (and subsequently binged) to try to be smaller – I was working on more of a body positivity/healthy-at-any-size mindset. I wanted to develop a habit of exercising in order to be healthy and strong – NOT to try to lose weight.


As I approached 50, I knew something had to change. I noticed that pots of water in the kitchen were feeling heavier and I was starting to find it more difficult to get out of my car. I worried about what was to come as I got older.


I tried working with another personal trainer (the sort you think of when you think of trainer: young, slender and energetic) who, while she meant well, pushed me too hard. I would be exhausted for days after working out with her.


When I talked to Kate, I really appreciated her focus on starting slowly and getting the basics right so that I wouldn’t over-do it or end up injured. I decided to give her program a try. I handed over my envelope stuffed with cash (the money I had been saving to “treat myself” – which when I started saving, I never ever imagined would be going to an exercise program!)


Making that payment was the first step towards change. I started to see myself differently. All of a sudden, I became the type of person who invested in her health. I was now officially “physically active” – I could no longer beat myself up for not exercising. I hadn’t realized how much this had been dragging me down – now all I had to do was follow directions. Problem solved. Ha!


I’m sure I was the most difficult client Kate ever saw! I had trouble developing an exercise habit. I couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym. (Big barrier. I was willing to do the exercises, but not go into a gym.) I challenged her to give me a program I could do at home. And she did!


Then the next barrier popped up: too much time! I couldn’t fit an hour into my day. I asked if we could break it up into smaller chunks and do it daily instead of 3 times per week. So she came up with a program that takes 16 minutes a day and can be done in 4 minute chunks. Barrier gone. Even I can’t find an excuse to avoid 4 minutes!


I’ve been working with Kate for 10 months now. I have a daily habit in place. I’m not perfect with it – I still “fall off the wagon” occasionally – but I know how to get back on. (By motivating myself like a kindergartner and awarding sparkly stars for every day I exercise. Don’t laugh! It works!)


We’ve moved beyond the basics and now I’m starting to build strength. I’m seeing progress – not in the amount of weight I’ve “lost” (not my goal) – but in the amount I can lift. I feel stronger and more confident. I look forward to our sessions – even though – no, because she pushes me a bit and I get hot and sweaty. I can’t say that I’ve fallen in love with my daily workout, but I don’t mind it. And hey – I’m not exactly in love with brushing my teeth either – but I do it to stay healthy.


If you’re truly committed to making a change in your life, I highly recommend working with Kate. She listens, she cares and she’ll help you find the exact right program that will work for youPK, New Westminster, BC