21. August 2021
"You cannot train a muscle your brain cannot find." Diane Lee
This is a great quote by a world renowned physiotherapist, Diane Lee, who has a clinic right here in South Surrey, BC. Diane specializes in pelvic floor health. If you have ever given birth, had pelvic surgery of any kind, you may have felt the challenge of finding your pelvic floor muscles. This quote is accurate of so many of the smaller muscles around our joints. If you have had an injury, surgery, or trauma, you likely found your body feeling no so we can assess and see if we can help you.
14. August 2021
A quick tip for your neck and shoulders-at work & working out
Men's Health, Elle Magazine, USA Today, WebMD, and many more have written about it, especially in the last 12+months, tech neck or text neck, and I will also add workout neck to this list of activities that can have awful effects on your neck and shoulders. My colleagues in physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy tell me that neck and shoulder pain are increasingly common problems that bring people to their practice. If that's you, here's a quick tip that may be very helpful!
07. August 2021
Do you struggle with cranky knees?
Stairs can cause problems for many people especially with regards to knee pain. Exercises like the split squat and the progression to the step-up when performed correctly teach you and your body the best way to go up the stairs by keeping the weight over the forward leg and using your glute muscles. With practice eventually, your body begins to respond and move this way naturally.
24. July 2021
Are you missing some benefits when you exercise?
Exercise with purpose - rather than auto-pilot. Often, we hear, 'when I workout, I don't want to think about anything or it is my time to check out.' When you workout, it is THE time to check in and be aware of what you are doing to your body. If you are just on auto-pilot, you will miss the connection of the exercise to your body.
17. July 2021
Do you hate doing Squats?
How do you position your core and spine when you squat? Consider making these minor changes to your squat to support your spine and joint health. Be sure to keep a long spine from the tailbone to the back of the head. Avoid: Lifting your chest Squeezing your shoulder blades down and/or together Lifting your chin Squeezing your glutes Pulling your abdominals in Going to a depth that makes your pelvis roll under you
10. July 2021
How to ease that pain in the neck
Are you tired of having neck pain that you can't seem to fix? If you have no trauma or medical conditions that are the known cause, then it's likely down to your posture and/or habits surrounding your posture and movement that are at the root of your problem. Find out why the "fixes" and "cues" you have been told in the past don't work and what you can do that is better.
03. July 2021
To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze
We've all heard those instructions (cues) to "Squeeze Your Glutes" but is it really the right thing to do? Many would argue that most folk have trouble "activating" their glutes at all. Some say that "weak glutes" are the cause of the individuals hip pain. In this blog post we take a different view, get ready for a new look at buns of steel.