Knowledge is power and my goal is to empower you. I study and research to ensure that you benefit from the current understanding of human movement and physiology - not just fads, or trends but actual science that make sense and can be applied in a practical manner to your fitness program. Below is a list of the certification and programs that I am currently taking and from way back when I started out.



Open the Door to Tai Chi

Diane Bailey, Functional Aging Institute

Mar, 2021


Functional Aging Specialist

Functional Aging Institute

July, 2020


Integrative Movement Specialist

Dr Evan Osar

Institute for Integrative Health and Fitness Education, Chicago, IL

Nov, 2017 


Canadian Red Cross First Aid

CPR/AED, Level C 

May, 2019


CanFitPro First Aid/CPR/AED

Annual re-certification


Active Aging Certification

CanFitPro (Approved by International Council for Active Aging)

March, 2017


Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach

Dr Evan Osar and Ryan Ketchum

0.9 NSCA and 0.9 NASM CEUs

January, 2017


Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanfitPro)

Personal Training Specialist, 2015


Newcastle College, UK

Diploma in Sports Psychology, 1999


English Ice Hockey Association

National Coaching Programme 

Level 2 Certification - 1999

Level 1 Certification - 1998


YMCA/RSA - Central London YMCA

Health Related Exercise Certification - Pre & Post Natal, 1990


NABBA - National Amateur Body Builders Association, 1989

Weight Training Instructor, Certification & Life Membership


YMCA/RSA - Central London YMCA

Teacher of Exercise to Music Certification, 1988


BAWLA - British Amateur Weight Lifters Association, 1987

Weight Lifting - Leaders Award (Certification)


Continuing Education Credits required for the above certifications many achieved with the YMCA, National Coaching Foundation, UK, English Ice Hockey Association and in Canada - CanFitPro.