We all need someone to see our potential; I believe in you

MISSION: To help you experience purposeful, convenient an enjoyable exercise habits that will give you the convenience of an active, independent life for years to come. Discover your Future Self.

Are you doubting your body will ever change?

No one needs to feel bad about not exercising or not eating healthier food. It's easy to feel stuck doing nothing and worry that things will never change. It's hard to do on your own - so many choices - it's bewildering to know which option to choose. Wherever you are on the activity scale, I can help you progress to better health.  Find out how I can help you - click Services

I understand how it feels to not feel fit, to get fit, to lose that fitness and bounce back again! I have lived through the struggle of trying to maintain healthy habits when life has other ideas. I have been on that rollercoaster and I can help you develop a plan that will keep you coasting on track without the huge ups and downs.

How does a non-sporty kid end up becoming passionate about sports and fitness? 

As a child I was not physically strong or good at sports. How does a non-sporty person end up dedicating their life to helping others experience the joy and energy that comes with a healthy balanced lifestyle?


I was probably the last person my PE teacher would have picked as someone who would go on to be involved with the start up of the women's ice hockey league in the UK or competing in bodybuilding and martial arts! My mum took me skating when I was around 8 years old and I was terrified. I did not return to the rink until my cousin dragged me there as a teen, But then it happened - someone told me I could be a good skater if I practiced. I had potential; someone believed in me.

The Canada Connection - Hockey !

Through regular visits to my local rink I was introduced to the sport of ice hockey. I had been fascinated by this sport for many years, enjoying the Olympics and rare NHL game when broadcast on TV. As my skating skills improved my desire to play hockey grew. Back then in the 1970's I was of course told I couldn't play because I was a girl! I could write a book about what happened next, suffice to say that I found other like minded young women and a league was born. I developed the original youth hockey program in Bristol. I am always thrilled to see how some of the players I coached as children are still playing as adults and getting their own kids in to the sport as well.


"Kate used to be our hockey coach in the UK at Bristol. In short she was brilliant in her interaction and motivation of children and adults of all ages. We certainly had some challenging times but got through them with good humour and enjoyed every minute. I am sure that you'll feel better just having a chat to Kate, so just imagine what she can do if you get her to help you. I am just sorry she can't realistically do home visits to the UK from BC, otherwise we'd call her now. The hardest thing she'll want you to do is pick up the phone and call."

Andrew Parkinson, International Sales Manager at Smith & Ouzman

Initially I practiced my hockey skills with the youth team - all boys of course. Although I had no problem keeping up with them skating, I could not drop and do push-ups at each end of the rink which was part of the warm-up drill each practice! I joined a gym - not any old gym, the much loved Empire Sports Club in Bristol. This gym was run by Dennis Welch (Commonwealth and Olympic Weight Lifting Coach) and was the home gym of skating legend Robin Cousins and "Darth Vader" David Prowse. 

The more I benefited from weight training - the more I wanted to learn

So began my fitness life. To this day fascinated by this remarkable structure of muscle, bones and organs we call a body. We can make endless choices in life that affect our body. We can change it's shape and functional ability with the choices we make. We can choose to eat nutrient dense food for optimum health, we can move our limbs to sustain mobility -  or we can go hardcore to the realms of elite athletic performance. It's all choice.


The more I worked out - the more I wanted to learn. I found friends in the gym started to ask my advice about training - I loved to help them succeed and move towards their goals. I spent the next decade learning and gravitating towards a career in fitness.


I became a member of the Downs Gym in Bristol whose owners Mike and Brian Down were themselves involved in the Bodybuilding world with UK champion and elite international competitor Anita Pinnock on the staff. I was inspired by Anita who encouraged me to train and sculpt my physique. Anita introduced me to the man I would later marry, Shane Quirey.

Desire to help people reach their training goals

Shane had a deep knowledge of training; he was the go to guy in the gym - sharing his knowledge and giving training tips to anyone who asked for help. Together, Shane and I attended courses, training programs and collected certification with the YMCA, British Amateur Weight Lifters Association, National Amateur Bodybuilding Association, National Coaching Foundation and were members of the Physical Education Association of Great Britain. We were among the first groups of instructors to obtain the industry standard YMCA-RSA certification in Exercise to Music. We both worked part time at gyms to start with, but over time developed our own personal training and consultancy business as a partnership - Excel Fitness Specialists. 


We ran our business from the late 80's to early 2000's when we made the decision to emigrate to Canada with our 2 sons, Shaun and Rob. We finally became permanent residents of Vancouver in 2006. Sadly, Shane developed early onset Alzheimer's Disease and passed away in 2012. It was a very long, sad and devastating journey for our family. However, before he became sick, Shane had great intuition and a vision of the future regarding new technology. We spent many hours talking about how we could help more people with exercise programs that work for them - customized exercise programs that truly work with the differences in way individuals move.  My goal is to expand these ideas - develop them for the benefit of you as a client. I would like to pay tribute to Shane as the inspiration behind Start Now Fitness and the concepts I am developing.