How to Avoid Joint Wear & Tear

If you have you ever driven on a rough road you will probably be thinking, 'this is not good for my car.'

Worse yet, you hit a BIG pothole! Then you get that sinking feeling because you know it can damage your car, landing you with a big repair bill.

One of the significant effects on the car is the alignment. When the alignment is off,  it will affect your car's ability to handle efficiently. The tires wear unevenly and significantly affect the steering system.

Like your car, when we constantly put undue stress on our joints, we move them out of alignment and they will wear prematurely. Like today's cars, our body alerts us when we are out of alignment, or things are not working correctly.


When our joints, like the shoulder, spine, hips, and others are out of alignment, the body's sensor (central nervous system) will send messages of discomfort depending on the degradation of the joint. These range from:

  1. Mld tightness 
  2. The tightness goes from time to time to a feeling almost all of the time.
  3. A pinching sensation in the joint when moving
  4. Chronic pain and discomfort during most activities

What causes our joints to go out of alignment?

It's often our daily habits like our posture, how we move, and exercise that can drive our joints into non-optimal alignment. The after effects of blunt or direct trauma like falls, car accidents, etc., can create joint alignments issues.


What can you do to stop or slow joint issues?

  1. Awareness - being aware and not ignoring the early signs like tightness.
  2. Make the necessary changes in your habits, posture, movement and exercise that may be contributing to non-optimal joint alignment.
  3. If you are unsure of what changes you need to make, work with a qualified professional like an Integrative Movement Specialist who can assess the activities and best strategies to achieve joint alignment and joint health.

If you find you have been struggling with mild to moderate tightness, pinching, or impingement feelings in your joints, reach out today.

The Integrative Movement System is a principle-based program that assesses for areas of compensation that drive non-optimal alignment and creates the best strategies for your joint health.