The best way to support your spine sitting and standing

When building or remodelling a house, you always want to check that you have an excellent and supportive foundation.  If the foundation gives, it will affect the rest of the structure.

Our bodies are the same. When sitting or standing, you want to make sure you have the best foundation for these postures.

When we stand, the best foundation is when we equally distribute our weight over the foot tripod. The foot tripod consists of the base of your small toe, the base of your big toe, and your heel. 

Try this......Stand-up:-

➡️   Place most of your weight over the inside of your foot.

➡️   Pick your toes up spread them out to put weight over the base of your small toe.

In doing this you will have put your weight across your heels as well.

Now you are standing on the broadest base to support you and your body.

You may even feel more balanced standing like this.

Side note:  You may also feel like you are standing very forward, especially if you usually stand with all your weight in your heels.  Look in a mirror, and you will see you are standing pretty straight.


To sit on the best base, you want to ensure your weight is upon your SITS bones NOT on your tailbone or sacrum.

Try this while sitting:-

Sit down in a chair.

One at a time, reach under your glutes to your SIT bone and pull your glute out and back.

This position will put you on top of the broadest part of your pelvis.

Side note:  This is very challenging to do in tighter-fitting pants or dresses.

Standing and sitting on a good foundation will help maintain the health of your spine and your joints just like your house on a solid foundation will help preserve the rest of the house.

Our clients find that changing their sitting habits reinforces the more optimal alignment that we teach them for exercise and activities of daily living. Many report less back pain, neck pain and feeling like they have more energy as a result of changing how they sit and stand. 

Are you curious to know if you can benefit from a few subtle changes? Give us a call and we'll have a chat.