Do you struggle with cranky knees?

Do you sometimes or more than sometimes struggle with achy or painful knees?

There can be several reasons for knee problems:

  • Previous injury (sprain, strain, etc.)
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Wear and tear
  • Joint replacement
  • Other knee surgeries
  • and more...

A typical everyday activity that clients struggle with from time to time is going upstairs.

If you see the side-by-side pictures above, the one gentleman is leaning forward and the other is leaning back as they go up a step.

When we lean forward, it allows us to put the weight through the entire foot and load the glute muscle, thus taking stress off the front of the leg and the knee. When we extend the leg then as we go up the step, we have the power from the glute muscle to propel us up.

In the other picture, the man is almost leaning back when trying to step.

Going up the stairs in this fashion will put more pressure through the front of the leg and knee to propel up the step.

The split squat exercise (pictured) below is a great exercise to start to hone this movement in your body to become more natural when walking upstair