Are you missing some benefits when you exercise?

Have you ever been driving somewhere so routine you did not even think about it? Of course - you're driving safely, concentrating on the road conditions and so on, but you're on auto-pilot, just taking the same old route. But then you recall that you are actually supposed to be going to another location entirely!! Sometimes things become too routine.

Do you sometimes feel that way when you exercise? 
You don't even really think about it. Do you go about the same routine(s) that you always do? Does it challenge you? Do you give it much thought or are you just on auto-pilot?

Often, we hear, 'when I workout, I don't want to think about anything or it is my time to check out.'

When you workout, it is THE time to check in and be aware of what you are doing to your body. If you are just on auto-pilot, you will miss the connection of the exercise to your body.

If you are just going through a routine that you have done a hundred times because you think you should and because it is good for you, you are likely missing so much of what the exercises do to your body, for good or bad.

Take the squat. If you are just pounding out 50 squats going up and down while watching the morning news, you are likely not paying attention to the potential compensations contributing to your low back pain or neck tightness.

Similarly, suppose you bang out 20 bicep curls with 25 pounds and don't set yourself up correctly, do not maintain good alignment, and let the weight go up and down with momentum. In that case, you are likely setting yourself up for shoulder and neck discomfort later.

We coach our clients to be present in their workouts. We use our IMS process to:

  • Make it a time to check-in. Stay aware and attentive during their workouts.
  • Set up their alignment at the beginning of each exercise.
  • Make sure they are using three-dimensional breath during every exercise.
  • Maintain both alignment and breath while controlling the weight or resistance. 


Staying 'in' and focused during your workout in this manner will help ensure that range of motion in the joints is maintained or even improved! Our clients also experience less "tightness" post workout.

Do you have questions about the proper setup for exercises or how to maintain optimal alignment? Reach out. We are here to help.