Do you hate doing Squats?

A squat in many forms is a common exercise that many clients love to hate.

However, it is also a movement you have to do throughout your daily life.

Sitting is an essential part of everyday life. We sit on the toilet, we sit at our desk, we sit in our cars, we HAVE to squat to get into all these spots, so sitting and squatting go hand in hand.

With that in mind, it does seem quite important then that we do it optimally.

Many clients come to us complaining that when they squat, their back hurts or feels uncomfortable. Often we observe those clients sit in the same position as the picture above right - with their tush tucked under, resting on their tailbone. This habit leads to them squatting with their tailbone tucked under as shown on the left.

We solve this by training our clients how to sit more optimally, and "Hip Hinge" correctly

Ahh...... Now this is better!


In these pictures you can really see the difference! 


The IMS principles of Alignment, Breathing and Control make a difference to the performance of this necessary so called fundamental Movement Pattern that we all use daily, all our lives.


Learn how to Hip Hinge well and your squats for life, the gym and performance will improve dramatically!