If exercising was fun and easy .....everyone would be doing it

We all know it’s good for you – yet only 50% of Canadians exercise on a regular basis 


It’s not easy otherwise everyone would be doing enough exercise.  The latest figures from Stats Canada (2014) show that a little over 50% of people report being physically active in their leisure time.


It doesn’t really matter what the stats say; whether you exercise regularly or not - half the population is with you!




Why is developing a regular exercise habit is so hard (almost impossible) for some people? 


It’s not enjoyable. Let’s be real: if you loved to exercise, you wouldn’t be here reading this. You’d be out jogging or doing crossfit or something.



We’re already busy – and adding exercise to the mix is just one more thing to wedge in between work and family obligations.


It’s hard to build new habits. You might make a change for a few days or a few weeks or even a few months…and then something happens: you get sick, you get overwhelmed with other obligations…and you fall off the wagon. A few days or weeks later, you’re back to your OLD habits.



And yet…we know we need to exercise if we want to remain strong and active into our later years



Have you ever noticed how some older people are frail and struggle with the activities of daily living – yet others are active, strong and vital? The 70 year old with the walker vs the 80 year old who climbs mountains?


The difference isn’t “luck of the draw” – it’s physical activity. And you don’t have to be a granola-munching-exercise-obsessed-gym-rat to reap the benefits.


It does take a commitment to develop new habits and the willingness to try new activities until you find some that you actually enjoy. (Yes! Exercise can be fun!)


Are you feeling jaded by exercise programs and fitness gadgets that leave you frustrated, in pain and like a failure?


Time for something completely different - CUSTOMIZED EXERCISE PROGRAMS THAT FIT YOUR LIFE


We've taken into account all the things that STOP people from becoming successful and have engineered programs that change the process rater than trying to change the PEOPLE. Our programs:

  • Are fun and enjoyable
  • Fit into your busy schedule
  • Help you build habits that will last a lifetime


Assessment and report

Set your mind at ease with a comprehensive assessment of your current fitness levels


Includes results, interpretation and recommendations

21-Day Habit Program

"Motivation is what gets you started, HABIT is what keeps you going" Jim Rohn


Create new habits that will create the healthy new you! 

Change Your Life Progam

You don't need to change everything about who you are in order to incorporate and healthy level of physical activity to your life.

Custom designed to suit your goals and preferences.